All of these are full band tunes. there are references in different combos below just ’cause.


Rehearsal JP, CK, WP, RK reference: This version shows how the tune starts – bass, then drums, then guitar, then voice. Dan could jump in at any point through that intro.

Joe solo guitar and voice reference: This has the final lyrics

Rehearsal JP, CK, RK reference: This version has JP and RK alternating the verse vocals.


  • Verses: Could either be Rebekah singing the verses solo (my vote) or Joe and Rebekah alternating lines like on the third take.
  • Chorus: Joe melody, Rebekah harmony



Rehearsal JP, RK, CK, WP version: First time we tried it. Lyrics have since changed.

Joe solo guitar and voice reference: final lyrics


  • Verses:
    • V1: JP melody, RK harmony
    • V2: RK melody, JP harmony
    • V3: JP melody, RK harmony
  • Chorus: JP melody, RK harmony


It’s Late Now Goodnight

Joe guitar, harmonium and voice reference: Lyrics in this recording are 95% correct.


  • JP melody, RK harmony on verses and chorus’


Turn Me Around

J and R reference: Lyrics have changed slightly since this take. And what I do on the last chorus I think we should try on all of them, the two of us singing the chorus in alternating segments. Then after the last chorus the “turn me around” part starts in.

J reference in original key


  • Verses: R
  • Chorus: J and R
  • last chorus is a double chorus and when we do it the second time through J, W and C sing “turn me around” while R sings the chorus again


The Harbor

Band – J, R, C, W reference: This is the first time we tried it. Form is incorrect but the vibe works. Note that it’s slower than in my take above.

J reference: this is with the correct form and lyrics and I’m singing my part.  I’m singing “yeah” in the background on the chorus part. We did that at rehearsal with harmonies which sounded cool, but now I’m thinking these sections are about the solo so if we’re “yeah-ing” it, we should be off mic a bit, perhaps?


  • JP melody, RK harmony on verses and chorus’
  • The Chorus’ is an instrumental progression for Dan to solo over.