Joe Panzetta is a singer-songwriter and composer based on Vashon Island, Washington, and a member of the band, Saint Ophelia. A multi-instrumentalist, Joe is a guitarist first, with a flat-picking style that intricately weaves through chord progressions over which he sings about relatable things we all care about: love, loss, division, forgiveness and healing.

Joe is finishing his new solo album, “Flowers and Weeds” to be released December of 2023 which features new songs performed with a string trio, and some Saint Ophelia songs performed solo with just guitar and voice.

His 2010 album, “Songs” presents early compositions performed live in the studio with just voice and guitar. The two Saint Ophelia albums (“Saint Ophelia” 2018, “Love Deserves the Crown” 2022) feature 24 of his most recent songs that range from folk rock to alternative to country. A meditation enthusiast, his 2010 album of mantras, “Sat Sangeet” features a lush sonic landscape of harmonium, tabla, guitar and voice.


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