Love Deserves the Crown

Performed on Feb 29 2020 at Snapdragon, Vashon Island.

Joe Panzetta on harmonium and voice, Dianne Krouse on clarinet, Rebekah Kuzma on voice, and Wesley Peterson on kajone.

No one ever wants it any other way
It’s the same thing that we’re looking for each day
That’s love, and love and love and love

So god only knows why we ever waist time
Mistakenly we learned we have to learn how to shine

Sons and daughters, cross the waters, lay your worries down
I don’t know you but I know you know it’s true
Love deserves the crown

Look at that change in the space all around
Evenings outside in the yard laying down
We might not even know just where it is we’re going
But the moons in the sky and who knows what it be showing


Warm the embers to start
What you find in your heart

There’s a crack in the word and we’re spinning apart
It’s so hard to believe I don’t know where to start
All of these words of how I’m right and you’re wrong
Can’t we just stop and sing the same song


Warm the embers to start
What you find in your heart


Words and music by Joe Panzetta – feb 2020 all rights reserved