Performing with Rebekah Kuzma in Saint Ophelia. Photo: Hank Leiter

I’m a musician and songwriter. Guitar is my primary instrument, but I’ve been playing the piano a lot over that last year or so. I play everything by ear, and don’t wield much of a language around what notes are called, although I hope to someday. And I love singing.

I’m in the band, Saint Ophelia. This is where I place most of my musical energy, but I also enjoy arranging mantras and instrumental pieces. I like to mix eastern sounds (harmonium, tombura, drone) with western instruments (guitar, piano, drums) into interpretations of mantras. And I love composing instrumentals, and have collaborated with choreographers Doninique Gabella (my old friend, RIP) and Ronly Blau (my wife!) creating music for dance.

I love creating things, and left to my own devices, will do it all day and all night. I’m obsessed with the creative process and have been studying my own process and reading about that of famous dead people since my early 20’s. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve ended at parties by bringing this dense topic up. I keep trying. Every once in a while I find a taker and we retreat to a corner of the room to drink our cocktails and discuss the inter-weavings of form and content and the subjective nature of quality.

I’m a meditation enthusiast. I’ve practiced various forms since the mid-’90s, namely Kwan Um Zen, Kundalini Yoga, and for the last 8 years, Insight Meditation.

I’m a husband and a step-dad. I live on Vashon Island outside of Seattle in Puget Sound. I’m the marketing director at Vashon Center for the Arts, an amazing nonprofit organization that has a world class 300 seat theater, art gallery, and Arts Education and Dance schools. I’m a lucky guy.

I worked in the technology industry for 17 years as a graphic designer. I was Bill Gates’ slide monkey the last year he was at Microsoft – part of a team of 5 people who designed the PowerPoint presentations for a handful of senior execs. After that, I was the Creative Director and then VP of Creative at the strangest Big Data Analytics company you could ever imagine, where I met some extremely smart people, learned a great deal, and traversed an arch of events that you won’t believe. Really. I’ll write about it someday.

I try to practice awareness throughout each day, am amazed by the beauty of this planet we inhabit, try to encourage moments of gratitude in myself and others, try to forgive others who behave in ways I don’t condone, and try to forgive my own shortcomings, while also demanding improvement.

But mostly I just write songs.