Joe Panzetta is a songwriter and composer based on Vashon Island, Washington. He performs as a solo singer-songwriter and fronts the band, Saint Ophelia along side Rebekah Kuzma. A multi-instrumentalist, Joe is a guitarist first, with an intricate flat-picking style that weaves through his chord progressions, over which he sings melodic lines about things we all care about: love, loss, division, forgiveness and healing.

His album, “Songs” presents his early compositions performed live in the studio with just voice and guitar. The two Saint Ophelia albums (“Saint Ophelia” 2018, “Love Deserves the Crown” 2022) feature 24 of his most recent songs that range from folk rock to alternative to country. A meditation enthusiast, his album of mantras, “Sat Sangeet” features a lush sonic landscape of harmonium, tabla, guitar and voice. He plans to release a new solo album in 2023 that will present some of the Saint Ophelia songs in a solo format, along with new compositions that feature cello and violin, harmonium and piano.

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2022. Joe Panzetta – voice, guitar, piano, organ, harmonium, banjo; Rebekah Kuzma – voice, tenor guitar; Dan Tyack – pedal steel, lap steel; Chuck Keller – bass, voice, guitar; Wesley Peterson – drums, voice; Dianne Krouse – clarinet; Kevin Nortness – saxophone; Annie Roberts – cello; Sarah Pearman – violin; Elena Zalevska- viola; Martin Feveyear – percussion

2018. Joe Panzetta, guitar, voice and harmonium; Rebekah Kuzma, voice and tenor guitar; Dan Tyack, pedal steel and dobro; Wesley Peterson, drums; Michael Marcus, bass; Jason Staczek, Hammond B3 organ; Kevin Nortness, saxophone; Max Marcus, cello; Kim Thal, voice

2010. Joe Panzetta, guitar and voice.

2010. Joe Panzetta, voice, harmonium, guitar, percussion, tambora; Ravi Albright, tabla; Vincent Gates, guitar; Sat Purkh, voice; Sarah Anand Anma, voice; Isla Ross, violin